Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reservation Procedure/process

 Room reservation is taken or handle by reservation assistant requested by prospective guest in the hotel.While handling the reservation request one should be aware of the information necessary to load in the reservation form. It may be accept in any modes and from any sources but the procedure will be same for all. The different steps that are involved in the reservation procedure are;

1. Receiving the reservation request.
2. Determining the availability of room.
3. Accept or deny the reservation request.
4. Document the reservation details.
5. Confirming the reservation.
6. Maintaining the Whitney rack.
7. Blocking off the room on the reservation chart.

Steps for Reservation
  1. As soon as the guest request for the reservation of room inquire the guest about the type of room and date required.

2. After the mention the type of the room and date, look at the room status board and the reservation chart for the availability of requested room.

3. If the date indicates fully booked, politely tell the guest that the room are not available. If the room are available then be ready with a reservation form to inter the guest details.

4. When a reservation request are accept the details concerning the guest should be enter on the reservation forms and again those details to the computer.

5. Inure the guest about the confirmation of reservation. It is necessary to ask to send the confirmation charge and written confirmation.

6. Type out the reservation slip into the two copies. Keep one in Whitney rack and attach another with reservation form.

7. Block off the room on the reservation chart with the help of pencil.


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